Natural anti oxidants

Concentrating antioxidants should be parallel to or above the level of exposure to free radicals. If you are exposed to in your opinion oxidative damage at a high level, you will be satisfied with a consumption average of fruits and vegetables as recommended by the Board of fruits and vegetables. If you believe that oxidative damage to your higher, have to find you a suitable solution in the form of concentration of antioxidants high that could come in the form of fruit juices and specialty vegetables or some nutritional supplements to transfusions of intravenous anti-oxidants – only an expert can decide.

While we are concerned with preventing and treating the condition patients, compelled to mention that if it comes to a patient in one of the degenerative diseases mentioned above sufferer must oxidative damage high – Do not give him a single type of antioxidant supplementation, but in combination with antioxidants others and preferably those who are Turnover (explanation below).

Whether it is better to consume dietary supplements instead of standard or vice versa asked many times and should devote a separate article because that does not belong in this article. Briefly stated, there are of opinion holds that the fruits and vegetables of our time low in vitamins and minerals due to working the land due to chemical fertilizers and toxic spray and introducing fruits and vegetables. On the other hand there are those who think that all this is just an exercise in sales of food additives (in order for treating tonsil stones).

My opinion is mixed on the subject. The best absorption of nutritional value to our body is indeed through our normal diet because our digestive system is built so that it expects to have a little of each meal required for the body. However, it is impossible to know the quantity of activity in our food, so, who knows, checking that the quantity of vitamins and minerals that are in his diet meet the requirements – can lean on them, but I seriously doubt if it is possible at all to do so because some vitamins, especially those soluble in water (such as B and C) are declining from picking the fruit by the time eating it, especially if cut and come into prolonged contact with oxygen, not to mention the intense cooking. On the other hand, some supplements can cause overdose What fruits and vegetables can not do so good in my opinion is a combination of the two, that is, consuming a healthy diet with the perfection of supplements with nutrients that are not found there, as are careful to consume the supplements with meals so that the digestive ready to absorb the nutritional value of food supplements with.
Another point to think about is that some vitamins and minerals do exist in our regular diet but inside there are a large number of vegetable oils such as vitamin E and magnesium. If you persisted load regular food without additives necessarily be missing the nutritional value found in vegetable oils because the consumption of large amounts of fat in the diet is not sustainable digestion of most people and is not cost-effective at all in calories so we rented out Vafsdno. In any situation, be sure to consume natural and synthetic additives (those usually sold through HMOs) and only from excellent passing routine inspections and supervision of production quality tailored accepted quality standards.

What is an anti-oxidant cycle?
As mentioned in the previous article, when the anti-oxidant met free radical – he donated his electron his change and thus neutralizes it, but what happens when free radical further encounters – true, he is taking away an extra electron, and thus makes the anti-oxidant our former radical free himself. That is, in some situations there may be worsening rather body oxidative damage as a result of taking anti-oxidant. Such situations can occur only when the patient’s oxidative damage liver buffers and probably his anti-oxidants have been eliminated, such as advanced cancer condition. In this situation, the anti-oxidant intake does not come with the addition of anti-oxidants naturally occurring but is the body’s only defense against oxidative damage.
To this end the cycle phenomenon exists in some antioxidants that can bring anti-oxidant function already ‘message’ its electron, or in other words, an anti-oxidant to make a one-time situation-time rabbi.
For this reason, you should be careful when state oxidative damage in the body is unknown to us, and take antioxidants in groups rather than individuals. For example – and vitamin C works in conjunction with E and recycles it, Cmo”c mineral selenium is known collaborator with E so that taking these couples give significant results than taking one at a time. As the patient’s condition worse so be sure to give him more groups of antioxidants in order not to damage it.

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