Back pain according to chinese medicine

A 2004 study by the Center for Preventive Medicine at the National University of Tooian published in British medical journal stated Shiatsu relieves low back pain in 90% of cases. Research has shown shiatsu was more efficient and effective conservative treatment methods and other accepted.
Term impact of treatment until about six months Mhtifol.hmtoflim also reported improvement in pain in the legs.
(Translated and had been condensed from a shiatsu Shiatsu Society International)

Lower back pain perception in Chinese

Although orders for the latest fashions, Avoid exposing the lower back to the cold wind or moisture, overexposure conditioners and fans detrimental effect particularly on the areas of the lumbar and lower back .hsifh region lumbar cold, wind and humidity causes lower back pain sometimes with radiation buttocks and legs and limited Btnoah.kiom too much of sex in men greatly weakens the energy of the kidneys, which has a big impact on the lower back, which weakens the lower back and exposing it to cold wind and Lhot.agb this restriction does not apply to women …
If you thought that nature Infrastructures director women than men Well, you’re wrong, most of the energy of the kidneys lose women in every pregnancy and Lidh.hsob feel the heat of the region lumbar, sank lower back, by any means, and as we approach the fall and winter is recommended, for example, stand with your back exposed heater. also heating the lower back with a hot water bottle, heating pad buckwheat .hstdlo avoid strenuous physical work too many hours because that weakens the energy of the kidneys, including to refrain from working at night.
Stress and especially fears and anxieties damage the kidney energy and contribute quite a bit of back pain Thton.trgili breath as lower abdominal breathing are an effective means of dealing with these phenomena.

Fleet Gong exercises, stretching, strengthening exercises the abdominal muscles and hips help in the prevention, excellent example of stretching exercises to prevent back pain is yoga fetal position.

A great walk for lower back pain resulting from a source of weakness because of its driving effect and is not recommended for low back pain resulting from trauma in a car accident, for example, in this situation, try massage
With ice water and absolutely no carry tension, apply grease homeopathic “Traumeel” which helps very painful recovery type Zh.bcl case act as listening to internal body not to create stricter and rest.

A very high percentage of the applicants for the treatment of Chinese medicine turn back pain due to Chinese Thton.hrfoah gives superb.
Acute low back pain with a severe disability movement necessary number of treatments near To get a quick and effective results.

Treatment of this condition is relatively mild and often will be amazed therapist selects and pressing acupuncture points distant from the pain and make any stretch any muscles yet often or two after treatment was asleep. This has resulted in  chronic low back pain usually recommend you caregiver for 8-10-year-old series treatments in the space of a week from treatment to treatment.
In this case the efficiency of the treatment is amazing

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