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Back pain according to chinese medicine

A 2004 study by the Center for Preventive Medicine at the National University of Tooian published in British medical journal stated Shiatsu relieves low back pain in 90% of cases. Research has shown shiatsu was more efficient and effective conservative treatment methods and other accepted.
Term impact of treatment until about six months Mhtifol.hmtoflim also reported improvement in pain in the legs.
(Translated and had been condensed from a shiatsu Shiatsu Society International)

Lower back pain perception in Chinese

Although orders for the latest fashions, Avoid exposing the lower back to the cold wind or moisture, overexposure conditioners and fans detrimental effect particularly on the areas of the lumbar and lower back .hsifh region lumbar cold, wind and humidity causes lower back pain sometimes with radiation buttocks and legs and limited Btnoah.kiom too much of sex in men greatly weakens the energy of the kidneys, which has a big impact on the lower back, which weakens the lower back and exposing it to cold wind and Lhot.agb this restriction does not apply to women …
If you thought that nature Infrastructures director women than men Well, you’re wrong, most of the energy of the kidneys lose women in every pregnancy and Lidh.hsob feel the heat of the region lumbar, sank lower back, by any means, and as we approach the fall and winter is recommended, for example, stand with your back exposed heater. also heating the lower back with a hot water bottle, heating pad buckwheat .hstdlo avoid strenuous physical work too many hours because that weakens the energy of the kidneys, including to refrain from working at night.
Stress and especially fears and anxieties damage the kidney energy and contribute quite a bit of back pain Thton.trgili breath as lower abdominal breathing are an effective means of dealing with these phenomena.

Fleet Gong exercises, stretching, strengthening exercises the abdominal muscles and hips help in the prevention, excellent example of stretching exercises to prevent back pain is yoga fetal position.

A great walk for lower back pain resulting from a source of weakness because of its driving effect and is not recommended for low back pain resulting from trauma in a car accident, for example, in this situation, try massage
With ice water and absolutely no carry tension, apply grease homeopathic “Traumeel” which helps very painful recovery type Zh.bcl case act as listening to internal body not to create stricter and rest.

A very high percentage of the applicants for the treatment of Chinese medicine turn back pain due to Chinese Thton.hrfoah gives superb.
Acute low back pain with a severe disability movement necessary number of treatments near To get a quick and effective results.

Treatment of this condition is relatively mild and often will be amazed therapist selects and pressing acupuncture points distant from the pain and make any stretch any muscles yet often or two after treatment was asleep. This has resulted in  chronic low back pain usually recommend you caregiver for 8-10-year-old series treatments in the space of a week from treatment to treatment.
In this case the efficiency of the treatment is amazing

Emotional treatment – east vs. west

Emotional therapy is a relatively new term in our culture, which is only a few centuries ago began to talk in terms of emotion and soul, and treatment can be done in these areas. Thus, treatments for various emotional awarded today in different forms and interesting countless people all over the world, including quite a few children, who are between the ages where their mental state may have a significant impact on shaping their personality, and therefore may need more than the support and guidance psychologically suitable.


While emotional care to children in all sorts of countries around the world and in many different configurations, the interesting issue arises of the fundamental differences between children’s emotional treatment methods common in the Far East and the methods used in the Western world, where the security of Israel. Just as there is a huge difference between the methods of alternative medicine that comes from the Far East and treatment methods and conventional medicine – west, so also in the treatment of general emotional and emotional care for children in particular, there is a huge difference and interesting.


Psychologist and diagnosing learning disabilities facing daily yoga and meditation

In fact, the manner in which providing mental health care to children in Eastern cultures completely different from that in Israel and in the West, like many other areas in which significant fundamental difference of heaven and earth between the West and East. While most western countries the emotional treatment methods most commonly recognized in children include different diagnoses of learning disabilities meetings with psychologists and therapists of children and the granting of various drugs in huge quantities (such as Ritalin “and similar conquering the Western world by storm …), in many places east Far treat children completely different ways.

For example, India and other countries in the Far East include school curricula yoga and meditation two weeks, are supposed to provide children a chance to relax and to practice these ancient teachings, that the positive impact on the human psyche is a proven and well known in the Western world and Israel. There is nothing in experience presume to speak in the name of scientific research and in-depth way or another, but maybe you can still try and conclude that the introduction of these treatments curricula of all children already at younger ages is a type of psychotherapy ahead and prevents awarded to all students, and hopefully helps them avoid various mental problems later in their career.

Apart from that, of course, the amount of chemical drugs given to children in Eastern countries can be much lower than in Western countries, what they think of more and more people in Western countries is a clear advantage in favor of the East (ie – less prescribed medications almost automatic for children – better …).


All this does not mean that the way the emotional treatment of children in the East is better and more effective than that of Western countries, but only that there are a lot of things these two worlds could learn from each other. Contrary to what many people think of us – not always the Western treatment methods are best absolutely and unequivocally …

5 tips when you’re going to the far east

For years you hear from friends on a trip to India or Thailand only look forward to the day when you also bring up the escalator and the tearful parents were flapping your peace. The long-awaited moment arrived? Congratulations! Let’s find out how to pass each trip to the East easily and happily.

5 things to know about a trip to the East

· If you dream of a trip Mfnk- Do not go to India! India indeed amazing and if know how and where to look reveal that there with everything. Still, it’s hard to say that she was luxurious … takes some getting used to, is not the cleanest country in the world (to put it mildly), everything was there at her own pace and Lhtazr lot of patience when it comes to Indian service providers.

· Any case may be, should come to the East are in the database drugs from the country. Among other things, it is important to remember pills abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, fever-lowering pills and more.

· Preparing for a trip to the East will include some important vaccines. Do not miss them! The last thing you want to happen to you is to come back with a chronic disease will not be able to get rid of it even years later only because Shtatzltm vaccinated.

· Take it nice and easy! East has a totally different mentality from the Western world. Get a different smile, take the opportunity to meet wonderful new people and try not to get upset when things do not happen exactly as you planned.

· And the most important, do not forget to find partners in a walk. East trip might involve problems and malfunctions, including, unpleasant to get to Trade (and slightly daunting) as Delhi all alone.


The secrets of oriental food


Asian food has taken the world by storm. First came Chinese food with noodles have become central in all of their shipments, after that we knew and Thai wok pop-up and end the country was filled with fine restaurants known and delicious sushi. So what has Asian food we love to eat? Why is almost as popular Italian food and leaving behind the Mediterranean dishes that we all know from home?

It is true that Chinese do not have sushi. But they have a Mandarin and Cantonese food special and everyone knows the fortune cookie prophesied his future at the end of each meal Chinese. Chinese immigrants brought their special food for all the world and over the years it has gained great popularity. Today, China is an important economic power in the world and no one doubts the power of the superpower. If you have not you tried dim sum, you should taste the fabulous cooking steamed, or try to make it yourself at home.

Bangkok is a popular destination among Israelis. Full day Bangkok restaurants serving food from around the world, even sushi, but if you fancy a taste of traditional Thai flavors visit it, will not be disappointed. You may also want to visit Thailand in the different regions, because each area is characterized by its own special flavor. Thais use a lot of coconut milk, red meat and rice and their food also offers many options for vegetarians among you.

Japan, Empire of the Sun, is also a culinary superpower. Crowds around the world become addicted to Japanese sushi and embraced him warmly as if they were the Japanese themselves. Sushi health benefits and is great as a snack or lunch. Sushi is one of the foods most aesthetic and colorful and pleasant for the eyes, not just the belly. But Japanese food is not only sushi. Other Japanese specialties include use of tofu. The Japanese also tend to drink a lot of green tea. You should do the same!

It is important to know that Japanese cuisine does not plant one day and came up with the sushi. Japanese and Korean cuisine were influenced by Chinese cuisine and Western culture and even their own special way which included the flavors absorbed into new creations. Not everyone connects to eat sushi and sushi in Tel Aviv. But those who like the style, die-hard fans make of Japanese food, especially sushi.

Rice, is one of the most prominent Asian food. Rice is also a prominent ingredient in foods of other nations, as well as various Israeli communities are characterized by different types of rice dishes. Asian submit their rice sometimes sweet dessert. This should definitely get used to. Of course, rice is a staple in sushi orders, there was sushi rice were it not that it contains.