Emotional treatment – east vs. west

Emotional therapy is a relatively new term in our culture, which is only a few centuries ago began to talk in terms of emotion and soul, and treatment can be done in these areas. Thus, treatments for various emotional awarded today in different forms and interesting countless people all over the world, including quite a few children, who are between the ages where their mental state may have a significant impact on shaping their personality, and therefore may need more than the support and guidance psychologically suitable.


While emotional care to children in all sorts of countries around the world and in many different configurations, the interesting issue arises of the fundamental differences between children’s emotional treatment methods common in the Far East and the methods used in the Western world, where the security of Israel. Just as there is a huge difference between the methods of alternative medicine that comes from the Far East and treatment methods and conventional medicine – west, so also in the treatment of general emotional and emotional care for children in particular, there is a huge difference and interesting.


Psychologist and diagnosing learning disabilities facing daily yoga and meditation

In fact, the manner in which providing mental health care to children in Eastern cultures completely different from that in Israel and in the West, like many other areas in which significant fundamental difference of heaven and earth between the West and East. While most western countries the emotional treatment methods most commonly recognized in children include different diagnoses of learning disabilities meetings with psychologists and therapists of children and the granting of various drugs in huge quantities (such as Ritalin “and similar conquering the Western world by storm …), in many places east Far treat children completely different ways.

For example, India and other countries in the Far East include school curricula yoga and meditation two weeks, are supposed to provide children a chance to relax and to practice these ancient teachings, that the positive impact on the human psyche is a proven and well known in the Western world and Israel. There is nothing in experience presume to speak in the name of scientific research and in-depth way or another, but maybe you can still try and conclude that the introduction of these treatments curricula of all children already at younger ages is a type of psychotherapy ahead and prevents awarded to all students, and hopefully helps them avoid various mental problems later in their career.

Apart from that, of course, the amount of chemical drugs given to children in Eastern countries can be much lower than in Western countries, what they think of more and more people in Western countries is a clear advantage in favor of the East (ie – less prescribed medications almost automatic for children – better …).


All this does not mean that the way the emotional treatment of children in the East is better and more effective than that of Western countries, but only that there are a lot of things these two worlds could learn from each other. Contrary to what many people think of us – not always the Western treatment methods are best absolutely and unequivocally …

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